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Floraïku Paris combines admiration for Asian culture and its sense of refinement with the olfactory savoir-faire of French perfumery to create unique fragrances. Our perfumes are named after haikus, short poems in three verses giving each composition its impetus and celebrating the beauty of each moment: a sunrise, the arrival of spring, a budding love... Floraïku Paris’ collections pay tribute to the enchantment of nature and the rituals it inspires, referring to ceremonies specific to Asian culture, around teas, incense, and flowers.

first ceremony


The first collection, Secret Teas and Spices, is inspired by the Ô Cha ceremony. Japanese ritual preparation of tea, it ranges from the invitation to the guests, to the preparation of the tea, to its presentation and tasting. In the same way, Floraïku Paris offers a genuine olfactory ceremony to its fragrances; this collection reinterpreting different teas with a unique blend of spices.

second ceremony


The second collection, Enigmatic Flowers, is inspired by the Ikebana ceremony, the art of arranging flowers in a sophisticated, refined and discreet way, beyond the preparation of a bouquet. The arrangement of branches and petals, and their shadows, are all evocative. Floraïku Paris' desire to express "the dark side of flowers" is directly linked to this, seeking to reveal the suggestive, delicate and sensual aspects of nature.

third ceremony


The third collection, Forbidden Incense, is inspired by the Kōdō ceremony, the art of appreciating incense and burning wood essences to capture every nuance: from the combustion and beauty of an incense scroll to the woody scent that emanates from it. The art of perfume at its best.


The Shadowing™ collection is composed of two fragrances, Sleeping on the Roof and Between two Trees: each designed to further reveal the Floraïku Paris fragrance of your choice, when applied side by side. Like a light shadow (Sleeping on the Roof) or a dark one (Between two Trees), it accompanies you, giving another dimension to your fragrance.




"Flora", to salute the flora (ensemble of plants in an environment), and by extension nature, the expression of vegetal and floral beauty. "Haïku", out of love for a very brief and intense poetic form in three lines, traditional in Japanese literature, often linked to the rhythm of seasons, nature, the movement of life, and its manifestations. Floraïku Paris perfumes are composed in the same way, around a short formula honoring precious natural ingredients.

The founders of Floraïku Paris

Clara and John Molloy founded Floraïku Paris in 2017. A trip to Japan, the encounter with a culture and an approach so delicate and respectful of nature - which resonates all the way to literature and the arts - convinced them to initiate a new brand, after Memo Paris, created in 2007. Their experience, combined with this desire to unite different voices, from Paris, the cradle of perfume design, to Asia, the heart of refinement, won them over. An openness to the world that resembles them: she, born in Paris, literature lover, herself a poet; he, Irish by birth, curious globe-trotter, who has always loved fashion and envisioned luxury in service of creation.

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