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Able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment. Considering its special formula, Hermetica Paris perfumes are more hydrating than others, and when applied on the skin, they merge with it, following its curves, dancing with it. Like an olfactive dance.


And Your Lips transforms the fern accord, traditionally associated with masculine fragrances, into a feminine version, appreciated for its freshness and invigorating quality. A passage, like the exchange of a delicate kiss, for more sensuality and softness. By playing on the presence of the ingredients that structure this aromatic accord, the fragrance gains in florality and fullness. Bergamot, lavender and clary sage are well represented in the top note, surprised by a candied jujube accord, this fruit from the Himalayas with a taste of apple and date. At the heart of the fragrance, the classic geranium elegantly gives way to an Egyptian jasmine absolute of responsible origin and a Turkish rose absolute. An ultra-feminine duo. Finally, the moss accord, Madagascar vanilla absolute and white musk envelop the composition with charm. From masculine to feminine, the formula blossoms; from one to the other, an understanding, a possible and completed path.


One Umbrella for Two, a sweet, fruity and gourmand Blackcurrant absolute encounters a Genmaicha Tea extract and a Cedarwood oil to form a perfect matching trio.


I Am Coming Home is a tea composition, with Ginger oil, Cardamom oil and White Tea extract, giving a fresh and aromatic start to this spicy fragrance with musky accents.


Just a Rose radiates with the fresh and balmy scent of a blooming Rose. A floral statement, a dedication to the queen of flowers, magnified with Bergamot oil and Guaiac Wood oil.


Like a sunny island dream, Sand and Skin is all about the languor and pleasure of a moment of eternity set on a fine sandy beach, with the sun undulating on the skin, leaving an inimitable memory: that of a madagascar vanilla absolute further magnified by the essence of benzoin and a fraction of ylang-ylang. An addictive, warm composition with obvious charm.


In the Dark, with sparkling notes of Peppermint and Citrus oil, reveals an opulent heart of Rose absolute on a base of Incense oil. An ambery fragrance that raises and spreads with conviction.


Between Two Trees is part of the Shadowing™ collection by Floraïku Paris, an innovative way to make your fragrance your own. It’s the concept of "me, myself and I" - who do I choose to be today? No layering, no mixing, just side by side.

Between Two Trees is your dark shadow. A woody fragrance with aromatic accents, composed of Grapefruit oil, Mate absolute and Vetiver oil, that will add an aromatic richness and depth to your Floraïku Paris fragrance when used side by side.

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